Metal Surfaces Electro-Chemical Marking


Electrochemical Etching… The Right Marking Process for Your Requirements

Electro-Chemical Etching is a process that is extremely fast and considerably cheaper than other marking methods. It is known as bringing out great details accompanied by a fast batch setup, which makes it a common marking method for aircraft parts, ball bearings, medical instruments, tools and so on.


Electromarking is a technique used to mark conductive metal surfaces. It produces a sharp, clean impression without damaging or distorting the metal. Many industries use it to produce serial numbers, date codes, trademarks, and measurement markings, etc.

Electro-Chemical Marking produces a sharp, attractive design or impression. The aircraft and defense industries prefer it because it does not cause distortion or sharp indentations in the metal. Also, manufacturers who produce quality cutlery, feeler gages, saw blades, and carbides like Electro-Chemical Marking for its clean, clear impression. In general, Electro-Chemical Marking is most applicable where hardened, or thin, or already assembled parts must be marked permanently with no distortion.

We can perform Electro-Chemical Marking on almost any bare metal (except painted or anodized surfaces). It isn’t necessary to clean the surface before marking with any chemicals, but a lightly oiled surface may improve the mark. Most plated surfaces are also easily Electro-Chemical Etched.

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