Screen Printing

Quality screen printing to meet even the most exacting requirements
The art and science of Industrial Screen Printing
A process that requires cleanliness, precision and care. To ensure this, our precision printing process involves only the finest mesh silk, the finest inks, emulsions, as well as curing and drying agents.
One of our specialties is fitted screens, custom made screens that fit in tight places.
To maintain our share of the industrial market against competing technologies, we have adopt a manufacturing mentality in material and equipment selection, as well as in the procedures we employ for printing.
Screen & Pad Printing
Our in-house Graphics Department can handle all of your artistic and technical needs. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced software available to design our customer’s artwork.

Advanced Pad Printing Technology

Print on Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass and other substrates
With this technology we can print on concave, convex, multiple surface levels, irregular shapes and in places screen printing can not do the job.

From Our Customers

I can honestly say that after over 30 years in the print and promotion business your kindness and commitment to client care is second to none. Right from the moment I walked into your facilities I have felt appreciated and treated very professionally.

Mario Biasini


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