3D Printing to the Rescue

Need a custom-printed part for a recent prototype? We can help you out! Versatile Spray Painting offers 3D printing services to help you get the job done fast and easily.

3D printing is a technique that uses digital models to create three-dimensional objects. While it is not a new technology, its emergence in the design and manufacturing industry has made it one of the most promising technologies of today.

3D printing can be used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and education. It is especially useful when you need to prototype or manufacture large items on a more cost-effective and reliable scale than traditional methods.

With 3D printers, you can print customized parts with no additional tooling needed and make functional prototypes overnight. It is perfect for any company looking to speed up production while reducing costs and labour.



3D printing made easy

At Versatile Spray Painting, we’re always open to new challenges, making sure that we’re helping you accomplish any project that’s thrown your way. Our 3D printing services are available for anything from prototypes to end-use parts.

s5 studio 3d printer ready product

SLA and FFF Printers



Value for money

Lowest rates in town and no minimum order size. What more could you ask for? You get the best value with Versatile Spray Painting’s affordable 3D printing service – just what you need.

Introducing ULTIMAKER S5 STUDIO – Large format 3D printing


3D Printing on-demand

Fast and Affordable

Our affordable and versatile 3D Printing Service is the perfect service for both, prototyping and small-volume manufacturing.

Key Business Benefits of Large Format 3D Printing

  • Control Prototyping Costs: Inexpensive but high-quality prints allow functional testing in prototyping.
  • On-Demand Tooling: Create Jigs, tools, and fixtures that are functional and custom-built for you.
  • Industry-standard materials: Profiles you can load from Dupont, BASF, Clariant and Owen’s Corning.