Renewable Energy & Battery Assemblies


Versatile Spray Painting is an industry-leading company that offers a wide range of coating services and solutions to the renewable energy and battery industries. Our goal is to deliver exceptional products while protecting our environment.

Coating services for Bus Bars

Our bus bar coating services include: -Powder, epoxy, and liquid coatings -Ultrasonic and electrostatic techniques -Housing, installation, and cable bundling.

Housings for EV charging stations

We offer vacuum-metalized and multi-layer coated housings for EV charging stations that protect against corrosion, moisture, EMI/RFI interference, and more.

EMI/RFI shielding for EV battery assemblies

Offering a variety of coatings that provide excellent protection against EMI/RFI interference from the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries in EVs.

ev charging stations

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