Telecommunications Industry Coatings

Versatile Spray Painting is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, finishing components for major Telecommunications, Computer and Electronics companies.

Versatile Spray Painting Ltd. deliver unrivaled combinations of properties for the Electronics and Telecoms industries, bringing corrosion protection and durability alongside insulation, heat protection reflectivity and electrical conductivity.

We are at the forefront of surface coating and treatment suppliers to some of the world’s leading Electronics and Telecoms companies, and one of our crucial advantages is our technical support and laboratory backup. Using our expertise in characterizing and understanding wear and corrosion processes, we work with our customers on a project basis, ensuring that the most effective coating solution is identified.

From the engineering stage to full production, Versatile Spray Painting has the staff and facility to help our customers succeed. Production capabilities range from prototype work to low production and automated high production quantities. Our in-house capabilities assure our customers that our processes are under control and our coatings meet their specific requirements.

Devices and components finished at Versatile:

  • Head-end equipment & switch gears

  • Electronic exterior housings

  • Connectivity devices

  • Bus bar & electronic contacts

  • Electronic racks

  • Computer components

  • Computer & multiplexing chassis

  • Electronic sheet metal enclosures

  • Aluminum & zinc die-cast electronic housing and components

  • RF filters – cast or machined

Versatile Spray Painting Ltd. has achieved a quality system standard driving consistent results and reliability — level 9001:2015 — which covers all aspects of our production and service components/parts for Electronic, Computer and Telecommunication Device Industry. It’s additional proof of our commitment to quality and to our customers.

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