Perfectly Matched Concepts for Every Requirement

We feel that to provide a remarkable finish on any product, the key is in the level of detail work done within the prepping stages

Pretreatment: Advanced Systems for Quality Finishes

We offer advanced pre-treatment systems for aluminum, steel, magnesium and zinc, rounding out our business as a full-service finishing shop and a world leader in the production of high quality finishes and cost-effective solutions.

Our standard for many substrates includes our 5 stage pretreatment wash, and media blasting.

– Cleaning and degreasing the components
– Iron phosphating (hot and cold)
– and/or washing in our three stage power washer
– Zinc phosphate
– Sandblasting

Custom Masking

Our team of experts is ready to tackle the most difficult masking challenge. We will custom mask any part to meet customers’ specifications, including masking parts to create a brilliant multi-toned effect.

Whether you need a part to go through multiple paint runs for a multi-toned effect, or just need some areas left uncoated, our team of masking experts has you covered! We can custom mask any number of parts to meet your exact specifications.

Custom Assembly

Our customers save both time and money by employing our Custom Assembly Department. We will gladly do any assembly work required, including parts that have been painted, in our custom assembly area. We offer your choice of hand, pneumatic or electric tool assembly. Not only can our experienced staff build components to order, but will also custom package the finished product and ship it straight to its destination.

Versatile has developed capabilities to provide a number of valued-added operations, as either stand alone services or follow-on process requirements. These operations include: electro/mechanical assembly, custom cable assembly, potting, encapsulation, dam and fill, adhesive bonding, press fit inserts, cosmetic & functional refurbishment and reconditioning of plastic and metal housings, and supply chain management.

These services complement our existing coating applications services which include EMI Shielding and Cosmetic Coatings and Water Slide Transfer Printing.

When we manage these additional requirements, you receive a predictable and controlled process with lower administrative, manufacturing and transportation costs!

Screen Printing

A process that requires cleanliness, precision and care. To ensure this, our precision printing process involves only the finest mesh silk, the finest inks, emulsions, as well as curing and drying agents.

One of our specialties is fitted screens, custom made screens that fit in tight places.

To maintain our share of the industrial market against competing technologies, we have adopt a manufacturing mentality in material and equipment selection, as well as in the procedures we employ for printing.

3D Printing

Our newest Endeavor. This will enable us to create rapid prototypes and masking jigs. Get the details and contact us today.

Liquid And Powder Coating

Metal fabricators looking to take on finishing should know about two of the most common finishing alternatives—liquid and powder coating—and the requirements involved for a company hoping to apply one or both. We do both!